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Mid Weights add 1.25 lbs. to each end of most dumbbells starting from 25 lbs. and higher, collectively adding 2.5 lbs. to each dumbbell. The flexible silicone straps easily attach around each end and stay firmly in place.

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Why add weight to dumbbells?

For those of us that follow the theory of progressive overload, we know that to make gains we need to be adding weight, reps, or sets throughout our training in order to maintain a proper growth stimulus. Of course there are other methods like pauses, slowing the tempo, shorter rest periods, etc. but one of the most basic ways to progressively overload is to add weight. In most public and home gyms you'll find 2.5 lb. plates for the barbell, but rarely will there be 27.5 lb. or 32.5 lb. dumbbells. This is where Mid Weights come in. One 4 piece set of Mid Weights saves hundreds of dollars in specialty dumbbells, allows for more manageable increases in weight, and helps prevent injury.

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